Youth Outreach


We are currently planning various youth programs for classrooms and field trips to Chace-Cory House. We welcome your ideas for any programs that might tie into your curriculum. Please contact the Outreach & Education Chair.

Some program ideas for school/classroom/homeschool visits include:
—Pardon Gray will relate the history of his family from his great-grandfather Edward to cousin Robert (sea captain and explorer) and uncle Samuel, the first casualty of the Boston Massacre
—Col. William Barton will relate his capture of British General Prescott
—historical item show and tell

Some program ideas for Chace-Cory House visits include:
—general tour
—historical Simple Machines scavenger hunt
—early school books and lessons

To support outreach hands-on activities, we are looking for photographs of early hand-stenciled walls. If you live in a house that has these, please send your photos to Sue at

Keep posted for changes to this page as we develop more programs!

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