About THS

The Tiverton Historical Society (THS) was chartered in 1879 as an educational and charitable institution under the name “The Whitridge Hall and Bowen Memorial Chapel Association”.  For many years, Whitridge Hall provided a meeting place for clubs, church groups, young peoples’ organizations, etc. Lectures and plays were given there. With the large number of modern public meeting places available in Tiverton after 1950, the Hall was sold, and the association has devoted itself as a local historical society.

Our headquarters is now located in the Chace-Cory House, 3908 Main Road, at Tiverton Four Corners. Directions

Mission Statement:

The Tiverton Historical Society is a non-profit educational institution that promotes an understanding of the history of The Town of Tiverton, Newport County, and adjacent portions of Southern Massachusetts by collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting that history and its relationship to the region and nation beyond to audiences of all ages and interests.

The Vision statement furthers that goal:

The Chace-Cory House, grounds, and outbuildings of the Tiverton Historical Society is a vibrant place where people may encounter, explore, and learn about the past. With diverse audiences and Tiverton’s unique heritage at its core, THS seeks to be an educational leader in the history community of Newport County and the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

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