Chace-Cory House

The Chace-Cory House on Main Road near Four Corners was given to the Tiverton Historical Society by Mr. J. William and Isabella Middendorf of Greenwich, Connecticut and Little Compton, Rhode Island. This lovely old homestead has been restored under the direction of Mr. Carlton Brownell and can be enjoyed by all who appreciate the beauty of a bygone era.
The gambrel roof building was built around 1730 or even earlier. Little is known of its first years, except that it was built by a member of the Chace family, either Benjamin or Abner. That it changed hands frequently, a practice common in those days, is evident from what records are available.

It was acquired by Andrew Cory in 1816. He lived there with his bride, Jane Gray Seabury, granddaughter of Lt. Col. Pardon Gray. Pardon supplied the 15,000 Continental Army soldiers stationed in Tiverton with food from his farm and bread baked by his wife in their large stone ovens. His grandfather, Edward, was one of the original landowners of Tiverton. Andrew was the great-grandson of Thomas Cory, one of the twenty-seven freemen listed as the original residents of Tiverton. Andrew’s father, Phillip, served as captain in the Rhode Island militia during the American Revolution. If this old house could tell the history of the people it has sheltered through the years, we would hear about wolves outside a cabin door, wars with the Indians, adventures at sea, the yarns of whalers, and our country’s fight for liberty and independence from England.

The simple style and graceful proportions of this ancient home is the essence of old New England architecture. The historic location and grounds provide an ideal area for conservation. We are indeed fortunate that this homestead has been preserved as such a site represents some of the greatest assets of our town and state.

The Chace-Cory House, complete with wash house, corn crib, outhouse, and period gardens, has become a means of teaching an understanding of colonial living and Tiverton heritage, not only to the children who come to Tiverton Four Corners each year, but to all who visit it.

We invite you to enjoy the Chace-Cory House and to share with us the satisfaction of preserving our historic past. Admission is free for THS members and children 12 and under, $3 for general admission, $2 for students and seniors (60 yrs+). Directions

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