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We are based in the small town of Tiverton, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA.

Puritan Jail TIVERTON, 1723

On May 25, 1723, Joseph Anthony and John Sisson were arrested and put in the Bristol County jail for civil disobedience. As tax assessors of Tiverton, they had refused to assess taxes levied upon their town by the legislature. This was not the first time. They had been jailed in 1708 for the same reason. While seen as criminals by the majority of people in Massachusetts, these tax assessors were heroes in the eyes of their fellow townspeople. READ MORE



If you’re looking for a nice walk in Weetamoo Woods this springtime, pick up A Simple Guide to Weetamoo Woods at our antique post office desk in Gray’s Ice Cream at Tiverton Four Corners. It’ll tell you of the history and various plants you’ll see along your way. And if you’re hungry, get a jar of our Weetamoo Wed Waspberry jelly to add to your picnic in the woods – or at home!

Speaking of which, we are running a Buy two, Get one free Sale on our jams & jellies until the end of May. (They go great over the top of Gray’s Ice Cream or with their muffins!)

Our Chace-Cory House next door to Gray’s is closed until June, but you can still buy some of our Tiverton-themed items, including sweatshirts and history books at Gray’s. See what’s there on our Marketplace page.


We invite you to visit the historical circa 1730 Chace-Cory House, located at 3908 Main Road at Tiverton Four Corners, over the wall from Gray’s Ice Cream. The museum house is open for tours from 2-4:30 PM on Sunday during the summer months of June, July, and August (or by appointment) and is the headquarters of the Tiverton Historical Society. We sponsor a number of events throughout the year and welcome you to participate in them. In order to keep the roof over our head maintained, we need to charge a small fee for tours. Admission is free to Tiverton Historical Society (THS) members and children under 12 years, $3 for non-members, and $2 for students and seniors (55 years+). Directions


The Tiverton Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with its headquarters in the Chace-Cory House. Members and donations are always welcome! Check out our Support THS page to see what items and services we need . . . those needing community service hours can download a log sheet as well.

Those wanting Tiverton genealogy information, see our Resources page, as we do not have this in our limited archives. Please forward any comments or suggestions on this site to webmaster@tivertonhistorical.org.

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