History Vault

Want to know more about our local history? Visit our History Vault!

From descendants of the Mayflower, soldiers of the American Revolution, seafarers on whaling ships, or immigrants from the 20th century, Tiverton has seen it all.

Our shared heritage is one to be proud of and we hope you enjoy the sights and stories depicted in our History Vault. If you have any stories on past Tiverton houses, businesses, government, people, or historic events that you’d like to share, please contact us at historyvault@tivertonhistorical.org.

THS needs your help to preserve this history. This effort is a community undertaking and we can all do our part to help. Please consider becoming a THS member, attend our events, send us copies of old photos, images, stories, and other historical material to help us preserve and promote Tiverton. As always, if you know of historic items that are available or in danger, please contact us so we can attempt to save them.

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